How To Style Cotton Kurti: Daily Fashion Hack

Kurti Desgin

As we all know, cotton fabric is one of the coolest and most comfortable fabrics, especially in summer. Cotton clothes are breathable, soft, and durable, suitable for both children and adults in summer. Cotton is great for inactive summer clothing. The sweaty summer has arrived, so the cotton material absorbs sweat and cools down your body.

Kurti is called the daughter of the traditional long kurta used in North India in the past. Over the years it has spread and become part of the world. The kurta evolved from the standard long-her shirt worn in North India. Changes in styles, fashions, and trends have led to the development of new and existing garments. Some garments are designed entirely according to fashion trends, while others are designed with functionality in mind, such as Clothing for cold and hot weather. Kurta and Kurtis, for example, were developed for the hot and humid climates of Asia and India. Although the two look similar in many ways, there are some differences. Originating in Central Asia, this garment is made from lighter materials such as silk and cotton and can be worn by both women and men. Also Read: What is Leheriya? Everything about the material

Why Do Indian women like to wear Kurtis?

Gone are the days when Indian women lived a sedentary lifestyle. Today women travel and work very long hours just like men. Curtis can easily go through a typical day without worrying about wrinkles or wardrobe imperfections, but that’s not all! The mix-and-match concept offers plenty of room for creativity. A comfortable Kurti and stretchy leggings are all you need for a weekday trip.

What to wear with Kurtis?

Kurtis can be worn with a variety of bottoms such as leggings, jeggings, salwar, patiaras, palazzos, skirts, culottes, and even jeans. You can play with these bottoms and wear the Kurti in many different ways. Consider the length, shape, and body type of the Kurti before deciding on the look! Most Kurtis can be worn. A simple stole or scarf can be used to cover the neck instead of the traditional chunri. Also Read: Knitted Wear: The Completed Guide to the Fabric

Difference between Kurta and Kurtis?

The kurta is long and sits slightly above or below the knee, while the Kurti is short and sits above the waist. Kurta is collarless while Kurtis comes in a variety of collar styles such as V-neck, boat neck, high neck, keyhole, and off-shoulder.

What is Cotton Kurti? 

One of the most comfortable yet beautiful women’s clothing. The cotton Kurti is a wardrobe staple. Whether you’re having brunch with the family or getting ready for a low-key gala, pair your favorite Kurti with jeans and a churidar and you’re ready to go. 

Different Cotton Kurti Trends

Available in a variety of cuts including straight, A-line, Anarkali, and asymmetrical. A variety of fabrics are used to make Kurtis, including cotton, linen, khadi, georgette, rayon, and even lace. Prices for these costumes vary from a few hundred rupees to tens of thousands of rupees depending on the brand, quality, and design. Many sleeve and collar options for all body types. From simple to elaborate, there are options that you can choose according to the scene. Kurtis also features new trends in embroidery, patchwork, layered styles, and prints. When it comes to creativity when it comes to creating these garments, the only limit is your imagination. Also Read: Things you should keep in mind before taking something Kalamkari Art

1. Kurta with Collar and Pockets

Cotton Kurti
Image: Google

This modern women’s cotton Kurti will turn heads. Featuring a collar and three-quarter sleeves, the outfit has a straight hem with a central button placket. Put your cute fingers in the side pocket for a stylish look. The soft, cottony feel of this mustard-colored kurta is given a colorful twist with an all-over woven motif.

2. Cotton High Neck Kurta

Cotton Kurti Designs
Image: Google

For handwoven, this Kurti from Khadi is at the top of your wish list. Straight cut with a stand-up collar for a smart look. It has a button front and is sleeveless, so it can be worn both formally and casually. The subtle print and color combination along with the clean fit make this one of the best Kurti designs for women.

3. Straight Printed Cotton Kurti

Straight Printed Design
Image: Google

A print with a traditional design is the outstanding highlight of the Kurti. This is another beautiful selection of cotton Kurtis that we have used. This stylish Kurti for women features 3/4 sleeves and a fun gorgeous print.

4. Long Cotton Kurta Design

Cotton Kurti Designs
Image: Google

Brighten up your day with this elegant cotton kurta paired with white leggings. It has three-quarter sleeves and a self-printed design all over the material.

5. Cotton Flared Kurta

Cotton Kurti

Flared Kurta for women with an Indian flair. Another interesting aspect of the Kurti is the long front slit that reveals your underwear when you walk in. So before you invest in a pretty palazzo or skirt to rock the show.

6. A-line Cotton Kurti

A-Line Kurti

Traditional The Rajasthani style hemline is taken to a whole new level in this costume. The Kurti has a flared hemline and a V-neckline. The beautiful hand-block print and full-body dupatta create an ethnic feel.

Indian Celebrities in Cotton Kurtis

There is no wrong way to. Its versatility is its greatest strength. Embrace the streetwear trend and pair it with your favorite boyfriend’s girlfriend’s jeans and fun sneakers for an airport look.

If you prefer a more elegant and traditional look, swap out your everyday hoop earrings for silver earrings and don’t hesitate for statement jewelry, opt for embroidered Giutti or Kolhapuri flats to complete the look.

Kiara Advani took a classic approach, while Karishma Kapoor deemed the piece a  summer must-have, enhancing the look with a bold red lip. Colorful dupattas of bright yellow and pink are often chosen to break the story.

Celebrities in Kurti
Image: Karishma Kapoor & Sara Ali Khan
Kiara Advani & Sara Ali Khan


    Thank you Myra for giving a detailed notes on Kurtis-The most comfortable attire for today’s women who are engaged in multi tasking. This blog has given a clear picture on difference between Kurtas and kurtis, the types of kurtis and also some valuable hacks on its styling.No matter it’s hot or cold, you are at office or home, you can depend definitely on kurta for your hectic days’ comfortable attire. The mix and match policy gives every woman a never ending versatility and can creatively style her everyday look. Thank you for briefing more on this ongoing trend. Keep up the good work.

    Definitely a great look for all times … amazing fabric lets you breathe….v love it all indians love it… perfect for tropical countries….the look it gives us is just perfect….just dapper!

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