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Crushed Design

Crushed fabric is made from a variety of materials such as silk, chiffon, cotton, and synthetics. It is also available in various forms of Indian women’s clothing and accessories and also offers men’s fashion. Lightweight. In a complex process involving trimming, heating, and the use of dye solutions, the fabric is expertly milled to give it a crinkled look with various designs.

A beautiful and luxurious crush fabric, when used as an upholstery, will enhance the look of the wearer or the place’s interior. The crushed look is aesthetically pleasing and will last a long time. More attention should be paid to the care and maintenance of such fabrics.

Applying processes such as cutting fibers, using patterned rollers, treating with hot liquids, and using heated drums to create designs and sculptural effects on fabrics. Thus, fabric fibers are selectively cut and decomposed by heating. Then soften them to create a pattern or sculptural effect. Soak the fabric in a liquid, such as a dye solution, to make it wet.

Then crumple them up and press them into a ball-like mass. Remove excess water and mash the dough randomly. Dry the crumpled fabric in a clothes dryer. In the future, creating the crumpled look of velvet and silk will require a more elaborate process.

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For velvet, the still-damp fabric is shredded and hand or machine twisted. Crushed velvet is used for upholstery such as curtains and pillowcases. In such cases, another fabric base is provided under the velvet for strength and stability. For clothing, crushed velvet gives the wearer a classy and classy look.

For silk, a special silk cocoon is used for the thread. After the dough is almost finished, it is deliberately crumpled to make it look crumpled. Crushed silk is often used to make designer clothing.

Originally, silk and velvet were fabrics using the concept of crushed fabric. In modern times, however, the crushed look has given way to fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, georgette, and even synthetics such as polyester. The crushed dough is used for the dupatta that is served with it.

Crushed Fabric

Crushed Fabric History

The concept of Crushed Fabric is old, but the practice was not extended to other fabrics until the late 20th century. Various methods are used to cut, heat, and crush the fibers, such as trimming the fibers of the fabric or using hot liquids to treat the fabric.

The origin and history of Crumpled fabric treatments were first done with velvet and silk.

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Differences in crushed fabrics

Fabrics such as silk and velvet are crushed at a stage called prefabrication. This is the stage just before the dough is ready.

For cotton and other synthetic fibers, cutting occurs after manufacturing.

Crushed velvet is also used in upholstery, clutch bags, and shoes.

A new artistic approach has emerged that gives clothes a crash effect without actually wrinkling them. Crumple up the paper, take a snapshot, and give it various effects like translucency or sepia tone on your computer. Then the snap is pressed. Printing is done on all surfaces, not just fabrics.

How to take care of Crushed Fabrics

Crushed Textiles are completely wrinkle-free. It should be folded loosely and stored in a closet with proper care, as tight creases and creases will flatten the fabric. Do not iron directly. Machine wash the velvet fabric or use a velvet board. This will protect the pile when ironing the fabric.

Dry clean crushed silk fabrics. Scratches and dirt on crumpled fabric can be removed with a light brushing.

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Crushed Fashion Fabric

In India, dupattas are used in sarees, kameez, lehenga, and even soft crush salwar kameez crush. Crushed fabric depends on the fabric used. Crushed silk is often used to make designer clothes. Dresses made from crumpled cloth can be seen in both Indian and Western attire.

Indian garments such as kurtas, lehenga and sarees clothing, and many Indian garments. Western clothing such as skirts, crop tops, and maxi dresses are seen in crushed fabrics. Velvet dresses, in particular, are more comfortable and look great in this crushed look.

Crushed Fabric Dresses

Dresses of Crushed Fashion

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    Thank you Myra for picking up such topics as well as it gave us an insight on how crushed fabrics are manufactured, it’s origin along with history and differences between crushed fabrics.This blog will guide one on how crushed fabric can gel with our daily fashion needs and how gracefully we could include this fabric type in our styling. Thank you for adding on the tips to handle and after care of such fabric type. You have included almost all dress forms from skirt to salwar, from dupatta to saree giving a versatile multitude touch to crush fabric. Thank you.

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