Chikankari Fabric – The Perfect Blend of Elegance and Comfort

chikankari Chunni

Chikankari embroidery :             

Chikankari is a veritably delicate and intricate form of eyeshadow embroidery. Originally, white thread was exaggerated on tintless muslin called tanzeb. Still, moment georgette, chiffon, cotton and other fine fabrics are also used. The megacity of Lucknow is Chikankari’s most notorious plant. Another account describes Nurjahan, the queen of Emperor Jahangir, who introduced Chikankari embroidery to India. The aches used in Chikan Kari work of Lucknow are principally of three orders, videlicet

 -Flat Aches( Subtle aches that remain close to the fabric)

– Embossed Aches( they give a coarse appearance)

– Jali Work( Created by thread pressure, it gives a delicate net effect)

chikankari fabric

Cotton Chikankari fabric:

Chikankari Embroidered Cotton Fabric. Cotton fabric is made on 100% cotton fabric on plain weave. Chickan is a type of embroidery produced by the characteristic use of special kind of machine embroidery. Cotton chickan can be used to make modern-day Indian ethnic wear and it is majorly used by high-end fashion designers. Cotton fabric most preferred fabric for chikankari because of its soft and comfortable charcteristics .

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Cotton Chikankari done with :

Chikankari is the embroidery work done with the white cotton thread on fine white cotton material. Chikankari is also called as shadow work. Highly elaborated work is done using simple tools to embellish beautiful motifs/ designs on plain cotton cloth. Traditionally, the Chikan work has been done only on white cotton cloth. Later, it has been done using various types of clothes to meet the market trend. Types of fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, crepe, georgette, wool, orange chiffon are used to do the embroidery work. Cotton thread is traditionally used to create the design patterns over the cloth.

Chikankari history:

Chikankari, which literally means embroidery, is known to have been introduced by Nurher Jehan, wife of the Mughal emperor Jahangir. Lucknow is now the center of the Chikankari industry. Chikankari are delicate and crafted from a variety of fabrics such as cotton, muslin, silk, chiffon, organza, and mesh. Chikankari kurtas for women come in a wide variety of designs, themes and patterns and are now available at affordable prices from numerous internet stores. Beautiful floral decorations adorn the women’s clothing of these ethnic groups and accentuate their beauty.Chikankari kurta for women is perfect for all kinds of festive seasons.

Different Cotton Chikankari Styles to try on :

Lakhnavi Kurta:

The term Lakhnavi refers to a type of urban attire. Ethnic cotton Lakhnavi Kurta is her one of the few clothes that can make a woman look ethnic and graceful. Choosing a good one can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the intricate sewing of a cotton lakhnavi kurta.

Chikankari kurta Lucknow:

Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh is famous for these exquisite works of art. Many famous fashion designers use these fabrics to create exclusive national costumes that embellish the beauty of women. Cotton Chikankari Kurta Lucknow’s luxurious cotton Chikankari outfit is sure to turn heads wherever you go. And when done right, this heavy cotton white Chikan Kali Kurta ensemble for women can get a lot of compliments from those who wear it.

Cotton Chikankari Kurta:

Indian folk costumes such as the Chikankari kurta and the Chikankari suit have long been a part of every Indian woman’s wardrobe, but fashion designers are always coming up with new ideas. In fact, online shopping portals have made it easy for women to buy cotton chikankari kurta . These dresses can be pricey, but you can get affordable designer quality outfits anywhere.

Cotton Chikankari Designer Dupatta:

There are many reasons to do so, whether white or any other color. Dupattas are known for their intricate patterns and excellent workmanship. Wearing one isn’t only for show; there are various advantages to purchasing a luxury cotton chikankari dupatta. Designer cotton Chikankari dupattas are really a good choice for any festive or occassion.There are many different cotton Chikankari dhupattas to try on different outfits like  kurtis , lehangas. Without a proper dhupatta the fit whichever we put on looks life less . A good dhupattas brings the whole beauty of the dress . Especially the chikankari cotton dhupattas are even more pretty and elegant when it comes to perfect outfit . For every Indian women , girls dhupattas are most important for all the occasions as it brings a very different desi and Indian vibes pairing up with other outfits.Cotton Chikankari is a wonderful Indian art form that is not limited to any particular place, which is why most of us are unaware of it.

Chikankari Cotton Suit:

The Chikankari Cotton Suit has recently undergone a major upgrade, adding variations such as sequins, beads, mirrors and puttying to give it a richer and more sophisticated appeal. To make simple Chikankari suits look designer, artists and top designers use stylish patterns with contemporary floral motifs and styles that accentuate the overall look. The beautiful engraving of the works is a distinguishing feature.

The embroidery work on cotton or other fabric is not only an amazing piece of art but an epitome of beauty that is worth having. Cotton chikankari is very unique and different which is many styles including suits for both men and women . For this reason, women love to have chikankari suits as  their one of the most important closet .The charm of chikankari cotton suits with beautiful embroidery, pastels colors and beautiful designs make it the most pretty suits. .Fashion designers have found ways to bring this ancient art form to the modern age and incorporate the wonders of weaving into their collections, while endowing traditional techniques with a magical flair. Chikankari suits for weddings and festivals especially for men is the best choice to look more elegant and also comfy. Whether for festivals, events or wedding receptions, cotton chikankari suits are lovingly embellished to look downright gorgeous with Indian attire, embellished with sequins, crystals, gotapati work and tonal embroidery and many more. Cotton chinkara kurti for men is also good choice for partywear. The pastel tones of the cotton suit are best for people who choose to look simple but classy with this embroidery and cotton fabric as well.

Chikankari Cotton Plazzo Pants:

Stylish cotton pants with Chikankari embroidery. Style it with cream plazzo and chiffon sarees for style. Organic cotton white and straight leg trousers and a superb selection of Chikankari cotton trousers are the best and fit well. For relaxing time on holidays while playing. Wata Chikankari Plaza’s pants are not only stylish and comfortable to wear, but they are also perfect as display items featuring delicate and detailed patterns. When it comes to today’s fashion, there’s no better way to step out in style than by wearing a stunning and classy kurta. It’s time to revive the trend with white plazzo cotton pants.

It is comfortable to wear and is a popular fashion item for women who want to incorporate ethnic trends. Intricate designs with floral borders will be popular in the coming months. Women strive to keep up with current fashion trends to look fashionable all year round. So let’s relive our white plazzo.

Cotton Chikankari Saree :

Can be made in any fabric, design or weave. Chikankari saree is one of the most popular sarees in Indian tradition. Chikankari sarees are elaborately crafted with beautiful thread embroidery and can be worn for parties, weddings, nights out, dates, religious functions, etc. Patterns such as vines and branches are added to add a delicate touch to the work. In general, cotton chicken curry sarees are traditionally sewn in white murumuru, but with the advent of contemporary styles and fabrics, chicken sari art is available in a variety of colors to cater to every woman’s unique taste. The excellence and beauty of this art form lies in its meticulous attention to detail. A perfectly crafted Chikenkari Rakunabi saree usually takes a considerable amount of time to finish by an artisan.

Cotton Chikankari saree is a must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe that is in demand all over the world. Cotton chicken curry sarees have a bright and delicate richness.These beautiful chicken curry sarees showcase every woman’s feminine side and take her overall look to the next level.

Indian Celebrities in Cotton Chikankari :

Lucknow’s Chikankari hand embroidery  is a timeless art that is no longer on the wish list of the common man.Now loved by Bollywood actresses, celebrities and fashion designers, its  brilliance and royal touch are still beyond. It is not So much so that famous fashion designers from India such as Manish Malhotra, Sandeep Khosla, Abu Jani and Sabyasachi have created classic hand-embroidered Chikankary ensembles worth wearing.Aishwarya’s Beauty Aishwarya She stood out in a pink chikankari sari. She wore it to a recent gala dinner honoring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.Beautiful baby girl Aria looked stunning in a powder pink anarkali  with oxidized silver accents. It looked like Jumki and Kajal’s eyes were rimmed. charisma kapoor style and elegance is seen throughout lolo charisma kapoor commits suicide in a full sleeve blouse matching chikan kapoor charisma kapoor best his dresser bollywood his star is one of his In the chikankari .Sonakshi Sinha, Dabang kids could get away from the sporty chikankari from head to toe. But still, Sonakshi Sinha embroidered a panel-style Chikan and nude he completed his baris with  pumps and chand to captivate everyone. Bachchan, the fashionista  she is, Shweta  walked down the ramp with her legendary father and movie star Amitabh Bachchan.Her statement earrings and smokey eyes made her Chikankari saree look fantastic.

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    Chikankari has its own royalty, elegance, beauty and pride. The pastel colors and the Lucknow hand embroidery makes its a perfect combination of the uniqueness it carries..Every girl from a celebrity to a simple styling girl would have a great sense of affection for Chikankari.. Making it occasion perfect it also gives a huge range in motif, pattern and textures used. Thank you Myra for continuously making efforts on different topics and giving us complete guide on various aspects of Fashion and clothing.

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